Dr. Eaton's Therapies include, but are not limited to:


Nutrition is the process involved in the taking in and utilization of food substances by which growth, repair, and maintenance of activities in the body like immunity, energy, strength and intelligence are accomplished. Food broken down into nutrients is stored in the body in various forms and drawn upon to be the building blocks of the body. In today's world the land that grows our food has been partially depleted of the nutrients that our bodies need from food. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to add supplements to our diet to make up for any deficiencies found in the food. Choosing a good variety of food types, eaten in moderation is also helpful.

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Botanical Medicine

Botanical Medicine, also know as Herbal Medicine, is a traditional medicinal practice based on the use of plants and plant extracts which can be very useful in dealing with infections, high blood pressure, depression, hormone balance and many other needs.

There are many forms in which herbs can be administered, these include:

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Acupuncture is a form of healing that has been developed over thousands of years in the far East. Acupuncture is a technique of inserting and manipulating fine needles into specific points on the body with the aim of relieving pain and for therapeutic purposes. According to acupuncture theory, these acupuncture points lie along meridians along which qi, a kind of vital energy, is said to flow. Acupuncture treatment regulates the flow of Qi and Blood, tonifying where there is deficiency, draining where there is excess, and promoting free flow where there is stagnation. An axiom of the medical literature of acupuncture is "no pain, no blockage; no blockage, no pain.".

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Biofeedback is a form of alternative medicine that involves measuring a subject's bodily processes such as blood pressure, heart rate, skin temperature, galnavic skin response (sweating) and muscle tension by attaching the person to a computer and conveying such information to him or her in real-time in order to raise his or her awareness and conscious control of the related physiological activities. By providing access to physiological information about which the user is generally unaware, biofeedback allows users to gain control over physical processes previously considered automatic to discover areas of stress in the body and help to relieve them so that the body can heal itself.

Dr. Eaton has a biofeedback computer that can make the client aware of over 10,000 products, viruses, herbs, and minerals and with the help of the person's reactions can encourage a balancing of the stresses found. This enables the body to heal itself at a faster rate due to the increased awareness. This is also a way for both the client and the practitioner to look at other possible causes in addition to conventional assumptions.

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Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine first defined by Samuel Hahnemann in the 19th century. Homeopathic practitioners contend that an ill person can be treated using a substance that can produce, in a healthy person, symptoms similar to those of the illness. According to homeopaths, serial dilution, with shaking between each dilution, removes the toxic effects of the remedy while the qualities of the substance are retained by the diluent (water, sugar, or alcohol). The end product is often so diluted that materially it is indistinguishable from pure water, sugar or alcohol. Practitioners select treatments according to a patient consultation that explores the physical and psychological state of the patient, both of which are considered important to selecting the remedy. The remedy is usually dispensed in pellets under the tongue. If the correct remedy is chosen, it can be very effective without interferring with any other medications.

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Bio-oxidative Therapy

Bio-Oxidative Medicine recognizes the energy and life-giving properties of oxygen as being the foundation for human existence. Unfortunately, we are living in a world with ever diminishing levels of oxygen, which leads to a chronic state of oxygen deprivation. The subtle shift in the levels of oxygen in the atmosphere and the dramatic rise of toxic chemicals which the human body cannot tolerate can lead to a weakening of the immune system, which in turn affects the entire body. Bio-Oxidative Medicine utilizes one of the Earth's oldest and most vital elements, oxygen, as one of today’s greatest healing tools. By implementing techniques designed to remove harmful toxins and create oxidative balance, proper cellular metabolism can be restored and health and vitality returned to the individual.

Bio-Oxidative Therapy is simply treating the body with extra oxygen. Dr. Eaton's treatment methods involve infusing ozone gas (O3) through safe areas of the body, or applying ozonated oil in the form of salve.

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Cold Laser

Cold Laser or low level laser is an emerging medicinal technique in which exposure to low-level laser light can stimulate or inhibit cellular function leading to beneficial clinical effects. Clinical applications include treating soft tissue injury, chronic pain, wound healing and nerve regeneration, and possibly even resolving viral and bacterial infections.

Dr. Eaton applies the red light at 635 nm to an area to help with pain. Usually the patient can not feel the laser, but they soon feel better. The laser evidently works on the mitocondria of the cells that need healing and does not effect any normal cells.

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Hormone Balancing

The word hormone is derived from the Greek word “to excite.” Though hormones are released in very small amounts, they can have both wide-ranging and powerful effects. They influence sex drive, energy level, immune function, mood, metabolic rate, sleep, and appetite.

If you do not feel as well as you used to or should, no matter what your age - women or men- it may be your hormones. Bio-identical hormones made from plants have been found to be more in tune to the human body. Unlike synthetic hormones, these natural hormones are identical to human hormones in structure and function. These hormones give your body the biochemicals that it needs to be healthy – either because of the demands of your lifestyle and environment have diminished your hormones, or because they are replacing substances that your body can no longer make. Hormone balancing can have a profound effect on reproductive function, energy level, mental clarity, emotions and overall well-being.

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Hydrotherapy is the use of water in the treatment of disease. Hydrothermal therapy additionally uses its temperature effects, as in hot baths, saunas, wraps, etc.

Hydrotherapy and hydrothermal therapy are chiefly used to tone up the body, to stimulate digestion, the circulation, and the immune system, and to bring relief from pain. Water seems to have special powers in getting rid of stress and rejuvenating our body. It affects the skin and muscles. It calms the lungs, heart, stomach, and endocrine system by stimulating nerve reflexes on the spinal cord.

The recuperative and healing properties of hydrotherapy are based on its mechanical and/or thermal effects. It exploits the body's reaction to hot and cold stimuli, to the protracted application of heat, to pressure exerted by the water and to the sensation it gives. The nerves carry impulses felt at the skin deeper into the body, where they are instrumental in stimulating the immune system, influencing the production of stress hormones, invigorating the circulation and digestion, encouraging blood flow, and lessening pain sensitivity.

Generally, heat quiets and soothes the body, slowing down the activity of internal organs. Cold, in contrast, stimulates and invigorates, increasing internal activity. If you are experiencing tense muscles and anxiety from your stress, a hot shower or bath is in order. If you are feeling tired and stressed out, you might want to try taking a warm shower or bath followed by a short, invigorating cold shower to help stimulate your body and mind.

Dr Eaton uses hot and cold towels in a procedure to enhance the immune system in a form called Constitutional Hydrotherapy.

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Bach Flower Essences

The Bach Flower Essences are all natural, very dilute solutions made from spring water, an alcohol preservative, and the parts of specific flowers. They are used to help balance the emotions and bring about a state of equilibrium in living organisms, and have been successfully used with people, animals, and even plants.

Although the Bach Flower Essences are listed in the HPUS and are prepared at a 5X homeopathic dilution (0.00001 gram of active substance per milliliter of tincture) they are not considered homeopathic medicine. While they are prepared from plant material, they do not fall in the same category as herbal medicine. The fact that we refer to them as “essences” suggests to some that they are aromatherapy—the use of essential oils and other aromatic compounds from plants to affect someone's mood or health—which they are not. Flower essences fill their own unique niche in the arsenal of complementary medicine. Like homeopathy, Chinese medicine and acupuncture and Reiki, the Bach Flower Essences work at an energetic level in the body. This class of complementary therapies is usually called vibrational medicine.

Vibrational medicine is based upon modern scientific insights into the energetic nature of the atoms and molecules making up our bodies, combined with ancient mystical observations of the body's unique life-energy systems that are critical but less well understood aspects of human functioning. Bach believed that his flower remedies would not only neutralize negative emotional — and mental — energy patterns but also infuse positive vibrations associated with specific virtues into an individual such as the virtues of love, peace, steadfastness, gentleness, strength, understanding, tolerance, wisdom, forgiveness, courage or joy .

The Chinese call this energy Qi, homeopaths call it vital force, and Dr. Bach called it “positive vibrations.” While we cannot currently use scientific instruments to measure any of these forms of energy, many believe in their healing ability. DR. Eaton can tailor the Bach Essences specifically to your needs. It can be very effective. Four drops inder the tongue can make your world more comfortable.

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Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. Chronic diseases account for 70% of all deaths in the U.S., which is 1.7 million each year. These diseases also cause major limitations in daily living for almost 1 out of 10 Americans or about 25 million people. Although chronic diseases are among the most common and costly health problems, they are also among the most preventable. Adopting healthy behaviors such as eating nutritious foods, being physically active, and avoiding tobacco use can prevent or control the devastating effects of these diseases that have been with you for a long time. Dr. Eaton has several ways of treating chronic diseses like diabetes and high blood pressure without resorting to pharmaceuticals.

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Autoimmune Diseases

The general definition of autoimmune tends to imply that something has gone wrong with the body's natural defense mechanisms and the immune system is attacking the body instead of protecting. Dr. Eaton's view is that the immune system knows there is an enemy in the body and is trying to get it. One Pathology professor in medical school said that we tend to call them autoimmune diseases when we don't know the cause. Dr. Eaton believes that often these unknown causes of diseases are very small bacteria that can change their form depending upon how friendly the environment of the body is at the moment. If it is to their liking, these bugs can attack the nerves or joints or wherever they are. If not, they can form into a tiny cyst and hide until the environment is more favorable. These bacteria are operative in Lyme disease, MS, Lou Gerig's disease, fibro myalgia, arthritis, and many other so-called "autoimmune" diseases. Dr. Eaton has methods of helping the body heal from these through specific herbs and other protocols.

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Mesotherapy is a method of dissolving small amounts of fat cells by injecting tiny amounts of nutrients just under the skin. This eventually helps lipid cells to disintegrate. Mesotherapy is most effective when a person is not so overweight, but just has a particular small area where the fat accumulation is not as desirable. The areas may need several treatments.

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