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Red Hot News!!! Cayenne pepper or red pepper like you may put on your pizza is a beneficial herb. Dr. John Christopher found that cayenne pepper can restore elasticity to arteries and can correct or prevent arteriosclerosis. Cayenne can stablize blood pressure and stop a heart attack in progress. Dr Carter of Bozeman, Montana was interviewing a patient when he himself had symtoms of a heart attack. He took some capsules of cayenne, then emptied 8 capsules of cayenne into warm water and drank it down. (It was quite pungent but he was known for liking spicy foods.) Within 2-3 minutes the symptoms started to resolve and were gone in 10 minutes. Afterwards he had tests done and all values were normal. The active component of cayenne is capsicin which inhibits platelet aggregation and yet it does not interfere with normal blood coagulation.

Cayenne is not recommended for skin contact as it will cause itching, scaling, even blistering. Do not get it near the eyes or breathe it.

(ndnr 3/08 pg 16)